Immigration Exams

Cost: $360.00

  • Immigration Exam

  • Completion of I-693 form

  • Lab work required: TB, Syphilis and Gonorrhea

  • Cash or Card payments accepted

Process takes about 5-7 days to complete if lab work is normal and Vaccinations are up to date

Children under 5 yrs old

  • Cost is $300

  • We will NOT draw blood on children less than 5 yrs old

  • You will need to schedule a lab draw at a Quest Diagnostic Site or other location to draw a "TB Gold"


* If filling out the I-693 yourself, only the first 2 pages are needed

Children under 14 yrs old will need a "preparer"

  • The "Preparer" can be a parent and must fill out the corresponding sections in the I-693 form.

Complete the "Patient Questionnaire" before your appointment

Email the I-693 form before your appointment to

Please click on the links below and fill out the forms. This will speed up the process.


  • Patients 2 yrs old and above will require Blood work.

    • Again: we will NOT draw blood on children < 5 yo (May be done at a Quest Lab site)

  • For Patients 15 yrs old and above, a Urine Sample will be collected

  • We may obtain MMR and Varicella Titers if you have had them in the past but cannot provide records

    • MMR titer $40

    • Varicella titer: $10

  • If you would like to add-on other 'non-required' labs, view our "Services" page at the top right and low cost labs may be drawn at the same time.


  • Immigration requires a series of 3 tetanus vaccinations (Doses 1-2 needs to be at least 1-2 month apart, Doses 2-3 need to be 6-12 months apart).

  • If you do not have all 3 tetanus vaccinations, a current tetanus vaccination within 1 month of the Exam will be sufficient.

  • If you have had the Chicken Pox as a child, you do not need the Varicella vaccine.

  • Vaccinations may be completed after the exam but may delay the completion of the I-693 form.

  • If you do not have documentation of vaccination records and do not have immunity on labs, you will be required to obtain new vaccinations to complete the form.

  • We typically carry the Tetanus and MMR vaccines in- house

      • We do not accept insurance.

      • Td: $50

      • MMR: $100

      • Varicella $160

*At the Hmong Village Shopping Center,

"Entrance B" leads you directly to the clinic.

We look forward to seeing you!