A welcoming, friendly & professional medical service in the Saint Paul neighborhood.

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Patient Reviews

I received amazing care from Dr. Nola and the rest of Ezy Urgent Care's staff. Less than 15 minutes of waiting and Dr. Nola performed a procedure for me that another practice wanted to charge an arm and a leg for. Thank you!! Adam T.

I honestly love this place and pray they stay open forever! I have gone here recently in the past few months to get treatment and they never fail me. Fast treatment, provider is thorough. This is my go to urgent care :) 

T. Xiong

...I was seen within an our. He listened to my lung sounds and my medical history with the above symptoms and prescribed me with an Antibiotic and an inhaler. The next day, my fever stopped and I started recovering. His staffs are so friendly and I highly recommended him if you're are looking for Urgent Care medical services. Monica X.

OUR Location

Located in office room A1, enter through Door A or Door B for easy entrance.



We are not treating anyone with COVID Symptoms, if you think you may have COVID and need urgent medical attention please call 911 or go to the Hospital.