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Ezy Urgent Care Clinic is the best place to be to have your immigration exams done. They are really fast, diligent and very attentive. The staffs are friendly and kind. The immigration surgeon paid good attention to me while I was there. I give them a 5 star because they deserve it and hope more people will go there. Over all a well trusted place to be. Thanks to all the staffs for your hard work, you are loved by me. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Sister G.


I honestly love this place and pray they stay open forever! I have gone here recently in the past few months to get treatment and they never fail me. Fast treatment, provider is thorough. This is my go to urgent care :)

T. Xiong

If you are looking for USCIS Green Card (adjustment-of-status) related exams, you surely can visit this location. I had to visit this place last year for urgent re-filing of my medicals due to I-693 been lost from initial filing. The staffs were knowledgeable, courteous and fast in processing my exam and documentation. Their fee is also very reasonable. I wish them all the very best. Arupa S.


We are not treating anyone with COVID Symptoms, if you think you may have COVID and need urgent medical attention please call 911 or go to the Hospital.